Ayris - the 2017 in review and what's to come in 2018

Jan 22, 2018

It was a grand year for Ayris! Our application matured with another amazing year of development and enhancements across several areas. In 2017, we improved many of Ayris’ components thanks to suggestions and “wishes” from our clients. Below we will highlight some of these components:

Company branding – Now with your first login, you can transform Ayris to look as your own custom made tool. Incorporate your company logo, background color, and menu colors right from your company branding Ayris page. Changes are implemented immediately and can be constantly updated by your team to keep up with ever changing corporate branding.

Enhanced programs functionalities – Create a learning program that Ayris will automatically assign throughout the lifecycle of the campaign. Create 30, 60 or 90-day events for your onboarding process of your new hires! Customize the timeline to fit your needs by adding multiple events in a smooth and easy way that allows you to attach and customize notifications, courses, and reports to each event on the go!

Additional content storage for your learning materials – Load any type of document into Ayris and easily share the downloadable link with colleagues. You can even take it a step further and add these documents as reportable courses to assign to your end users! Ayris Content Storage allows you to build folder structure and set privacy settings on documents you load. Keep all of your content and source files in one program.

Import course completions – Whether you want to quickly add completion of a course or you wish to upload mass completions to transfer learning history from a previous LMS – this simplified process is possible in just a few easy steps with Ayris.

An improved tool – We also improved the functionalities of our video player, the reporting features, and many more features to improve the quality of the program.

As we enter into 2018, we are already excited about what is to come! 2018 will see a complete restructure of the reporting within Ayris, and we are looking for your input to make it elite!

Our current clients have been amazing with this approach, and we couldn’t thank you enough for your input! As you can see from above, we are not shy with enhancing our tool to improve our clients’ process.

What types of reports would you love your learning tool to have?

Help us help you!

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