Provide Online Education as a Sport Exercise with Ayris

Aug 9, 2017

The way each one of us see things in life is different. Also the way we all do things in life is different as well and thank God, because every day this creates awesome achievements made by great personalities. We often want to learn more about how these people accomplish these things in order to apply it to our own work. We quickly start to use their technique but soon find out that we come up with mixed results and we struggle to reach our desired goal. The template we chose to follow is somehow not right. So how do great athletes do this? How can their techniques be applied to online learning to enhance learners’ education?

Athletes most often surround themselves with the best equipment they can afford. Educational organizations tend to do the same in order to create great online learning content.  However, if the equipment, or learning solution can only get you so far. At some point it is on the learning organization to properly utilize the new solution. Even the best baseball bat there is and the most expensive football shoes can’t make someone a great baseball or football player. The same it is with learning – even the best LMS or the best tool for creating online courses out there doesn’t ensure improved skills and qualities in employees once it is completed. It will however provide the users, or athletes the means to reach their goals.

Athletes and learners must absorb the specific exercises and the assigned learning content until it is second nature for them. Work ethics and consistency creates the difference in education the same way it does it with sports.  The greatest athletes are magically gifted with talent, but what sets them apart is their willingness to perfect their craft. Whether it be studying film, physical drills to improve their given talent, the best are always improving. If you’re an athlete that is going into a slump, you are going to step back and make some adjustments. That starts with re-evaluating your approach, define possible causes of the issues, try not to repeat it and do the process again and again. How is that related to online education? Great athletes and great employees are bred, their qualities are constantly improving day after day to reach perfection. They simply have to follow their methodology consistently.

Therefore we have to distribute learning content as a sports exercise. Every fitness instructor will tell you “You can’t stay in shape if you do not maintain your body every day”. It is one thing to reach a fit body, the hard part is to maintain it.  The same it is with the mind – you must keep it in shape in order to provide you with added value. As the great Dale Carnegie says “Only knowledge that is used sticks in your mind”.

Ayris, the learning distribution system that we created focuses on this – providing the fastest and easiest way for both teachers (learning professionals, content creators) and learners (students, employees) to exchange knowledge. Providing the environment and facilitating the process between the two parties by providing the supply (learning content from the learning professionals) and the demand (from the students and employees) is existential to improve both. It helps companies in their desire to reach their staff easily and distribute the learning content they need on every day basis to become better employees inside and outside of the office. It does the same for all occupations and professions, it can be used by students, yoga groups, sports coaches, teachers, learning managers and many more to distribute their learning content among their peers. The sky is the limit when it comes to different purposes that Ayris can be used for. Simply create great learning content, let Ayris distribute it, and make sure it is used as a sport exercise for the mind – you will be surprised by the results.