The Knowledge-Based Economy and Ayris

Jun 19, 2018

Heraclitus once said: There is nothing permanent except change. We live in an ever-changing environment, in a society that is transforming every second, in a world that has gradually evolved into a highly industrialized technology-reliant economy. This new era is driven primarily by knowledge, which is regarded as an important asset that leads to economic prosperity.

While technology is infused in almost every aspect of our lives, the knowledge-based economy is not just about the technology itself. It is rather about being able to upgrade your skills and adapt yourself to the constantly changing working environment. When it comes to recruiting new employees, the emergence of the knowledge-based economy puts more stress on the level of education and training. People and businesses alike are striving to learn faster and more effectively than their competitors in the jobs market. The level of one’s competence, skills, education and abilities are of increasing importance. Hence, the knowledge-based economy is global and influences everyone. Only those who are flexible enough and willing to adapt to different kinds of work will be able to handle and benefit from the constant changes happening.

According to an extensive psychological study, the most adaptive people are not those who are better educated, smarter, or have fancier job titles. Surprisingly, the ones who find it easier to adapt are those who are ready to take a step forward and embrace the change. Ayris will enable you to feel and respond to the changes around you with just a few clicks. With its incredibly user-friendly interface, Ayris makes it easier than ever to share your ideas or upgrade your teams knowledge on any topic at a moment’s notice. Moreover, by designing your own online content, you have the chance to distribute the right content to the right people and spread the wind of change in your business organization. Be the change you want, be adaptive. Take a step forward with Ayris.