What is Ayris?

Jun 14, 2017

Ayris is a cloud-based Learning Distribution System (LDS). It provides an online mobile friendly tool for trainers and teachers to help them perform their training activities and facilitate the learning process via enhanced

Learning Content Delivery

What makes Ayris different from the regular Learning Management System (LMS) is the focus on the learning content delivery. There are a lot of arguments around the push and pull learning methodologies and their effectiveness. And Ayris tries to give the answer by allowing learning leaders to select the most appropriate way of providing learning materials to different kinds of audiences, in different environments with the aim to increase the learning effect. More information about the LDS model can be found here.
Ayris emphasizes on the simplicity of the learning distribution by leaving the learning source issues behind. Ayris can offer various types of learning content from different kinds of content sources keeping this hidden from the learner to ensure smooth and transparent learning process.

The learner is free to select his own learning place. It could be just his mailbox or the Ayris' user interface, or even set of generated Ayris links distributed via text messages, spreadsheets or documents.

Learn without a learning system? What? Is this possible?

Yes, it is! Learners are able to go through the full learning plan without even touching the system directly. Isn't this nice?

Ayris can be used as a standalone learning environment as well as a supplementary layer on top of existing training systems and sources to build a single point of learning experience. Ayris may help shorten the path from the learner to the learning content by unifying blended or not well structured learning environments. It can deliver strongly focused content to the right audience, execute highly flexible training programs and provide the necessary learning achievement measurements.

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