Sharing Knowledge And Building A Corporate Learning Culture With Ayris

Jul 10, 2017

We have come to an age where we share everything. It's been part of the human nature for centuries. We help others in order to create a more sustainable environment but a term like "sharing economy" has never been more important in any point in time than now. Sharing knowledge has pioneered the sharing economy, followed by sharing transportation, houses, or home improvement tools. We now have numerous free courses and platforms providing free education, but when we come to closed environments like working groups or companies, we face another challenge - we need to dig deep into our pockets and allocate budgets for having a trusted LMS (Learning Management System).

The question here is how do we retain our employees via improvements and continuous development, in order to strengthen our productivity and reduce unnecessary costs. We can make people go and watch a video on an external platform like YouTube, but how do we track their attendance, views, or actual accomplishments of the assigned job? How do we track progress, how do we extract surveys and follow up on tasks associated with the learning content? How do we offer access to such a service so that it is affordable to every individual or legal entity? Those are the questions that the developers from OutCons asked themselves when they created Ayris.

With Ayris you are in possession of your own content and you are provided with the means to create, distribute and track it as you wish. Every company has such content, this content can range from an internal procedure document or price sheet, to online articles and videos. However, for items that don't go into your LMS, yet you share with employees, it is hard to track and report on actual consumption of the content and knowledge. The worst case scenario is an internal procedures breach which we all try to avoid. To better track all of this, you need to create the necessary learning material which is especially easy with an external link or a storage link (for content uploaded on the platform), and assign it to your target audience. You can associate different types of follow ups on this material like tasks, surveys, and exams to test how well the assigned content has been comprehended by your colleagues, peers, and associates, as well as get detailed reports on this. Going through those steps consistently will enable you to get a comprehensive view of how people are developing and help them succeed and navigate employees in doing so. 

Ayris is perfect for content creators to gain more information on the views on their learning content. We do not ask you to sign contractual obligations to publish materials with us and you are the content owner of everything you create or already own. Ayris is the means for you to distribute. You can even assign a direct link to your own LMS course. Ayris is the right tool serving the purpose of delivering content to the doorstep of your targeted audience. Simple as it should be, no boundaries, no complicated integrations, just easy learning accessible for everyone.

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