Learning Content Distribution with Ayris in the World of Online Education

Sep 11, 2017

Learning management systems serve great purposes today. They are a powerful tool in the hands of the companies who decided to constantly develop and widen the horizon for their employees and management staff. Companies with an LMS in their possession are constantly building learning materials related to the area of business and shaping it into online courses, surveys, and exams, etc. Most of the time getting this learning content accessible by their employees results in months of complicated content integration. But let’s skip this part and try to observe a common fact that happens next – people are not willing to go to LMS’s unless they are going for company mandated content. Courses like workplace safety, fire safety, company culture and trainings are among the best examples. Why is that?

Employees typically try to get closer to the state in which they are comfortable in doing their job and at the same time the manager is satisfied with the results. This makes them willing to cover whatever job related course is assigned to them.  But going out on their own, registering for classes, searching for courses to improve their job, and taking classroom courses to do so, is a rare occurrence unless they are specifically tied to new job title. What we did with our learning distribution system is cut short that distance between learning content and learner for the learning professionals. Months of content integration with complicated LMS now can be used by learning managers to better understand their employees’ needs. Lost hours on low content quality can be used to develop better structured and more engaging content so people can learn with ease, at their own pace. Most importantly, from a user’s perspective, is they do not even have to register for the system – you get what is distributed to you by your manager, team lead to you in your email and launch right from your inbox, regardless of device. Really, as simple as that and managers can still track completions.

Learning today is not just having content. It is about making it accessible and easy to reach. People lose interest really quick and shorting the distance between learner and the learning material is key. It’s like creating a market place, matching supply and demand for knowledge. Ayris serves this exact purpose but better – making it easy and fast for everyone involved.

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